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Discover Sheer Thrill of Landing by Making a Trip to Havelock


Locating a perfect island destination is a major concern for many travelers. Havelock is the most beautiful island for beach lovers, nature, and thrilling seekers.

There is no other island which you comprise with Havelock. Travelers plan for a wonderful trip based on their wishes. It is the perfect place to begin the thrilling journey. Newlyweds often prefer this island destination for splendid attraction. It is a great way to spend time with a beloved one. Havelock is the perfect destination for beautiful attractions and adventure activities.

Select perfect resort:

Havelock comes up with a beautiful resort that manages spacious accommodation. The resort provides the perfect relaxation spot that keeps track of the attention of many travelers. Couples enjoy a variety of seafood and cuisines offered by the best Honeymoon resorts inHavelockResort lets honeymooners discover beachside candlelit dinner. You can access a vast range of services at a reasonable cost. 

·         The resort offers accommodation spread throughout the beach and nestled in green forest.

·         Island destination is the perfect choice for travelers to explore serene beaches, coral reefs, and green forests.

·         It is a great paradise that replicates natural gorgeousness.

·         The destination is worth it for many travelers to view the tranquil beauty of nature and landscape.

View beautiful sunset:

Relaxing in the glory of a beautiful sunset is a major aspect of tourists when sitting at Radha Nagar beach. It is a popular beach on this island. White sand and crystal blue water is a lovely treat for the eyes of tourists. A popular spot at Havelock bring full of fun and lets travelers discover a beach filled with green trees. You can relax in a beach setting and make the trip memorable. The resort allows guests to enjoy a lavish stay without any disturbance. Couples prefer such a destination for a spectacular view of the sea, adventure sports activities, in-house dining, restaurant, and a lot more.

Magic of waves and night diving:

Professionals help you to take pleasure from adventure activities in Havelock Island. Night diving is a surreal adventure sport that attracts travelers. You can swim into the sea where you discover the glory of marine life. You can enjoy a trip to the core and rest on the sea bed. It is excellent to step into the aquatic world and experience a marvelous journey. Waves are best to explore the sense of aesthetics and treat the magnificence of the sea. The resort is the finest option for enjoying a luxury stay.

Enjoy adventure and water sports:

If you are a water and adventure sports lover, you can reach elephant beach at Havelock. It is the perfect place for water sports and serenity. Internet is the best tool to find the best resortsin Havelock and reserve accommodation. People love the sound of the beach and spend time with food and drinks. The resort makes everything possible and aids you to enjoy a small picnic on the beach. You can swim with elephant and view stunning coral reefs. Resorts provide all the facilities and amenities that suit couples and develop a bond. 

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Explore The Secluded Beaches And Exotic Corals With A Luxurious Stay

Havelock Island is the beautiful largest island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Havelock is a perfect destination to enjoy the scuba diving experience, pristine beaches, and especially coral reefs.

Are you looking to make your vacation enjoyable with your friends? Havelock Island is the perfect destination where you can enjoy every minute with your friends and family. It is the largest island in Andaman and Nicobar, with unique crystal clear blue waters. Havelock is also considered the home of luxury resorts.

Mesmerizing Beaches:

Crystal clear blue water in Havelock, along with mesmerizing beaches, makes the spot unique. These mainly attract most people across the world to easily visit here to the extent. Havelock is also nestled on the edge of golden sandy beaches in the Andaman Islands. Staying in the luxury resorts in Havelock would be the perfect option for enjoying a luxurious vacation. You could easily get spectacular views of the sea, adventure sports activities, in-house dining, multi-cuisine restaurant, and more.

Lavish And Luxurious Stay:

Havelock Island is the Largest Island of the Andaman and Nicobar. It is mainly known for its pristine beaches, great scuba diving, and especially the coral reefs. Havelock is mainly located in the 30 km from Port Blair. It is also the most visited island in Andamans. When you are looking for a comfortable stay in Havelock, then you can easily enjoy staying in the best luxury resort in Havelock. A luxury hotel bestows the guests even with making your vacation enjoyable and luxurious. You can easily explore the dense as well as serene mangroves by swimming in exotic corals.

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Havelock Country Homes - Havelock Island

Surrounded by array of islands, Havelock Island is known to be the best if the islands in the world. The sparkling blue sprawling beaches are capable enough to mesmerize you through its beauty. Havelock Island also known as Swaraj Dweep, is one of the alluring destinations to visit and it upholds the capability to not to disappoint it's visitors by giving the most mystic and charming view all around. 

Register your sumptuous stay in Havelock Country Homes

If you are looking for s comfortable stay in this heavenly island, Havelock Country Homes is the best hotel in Havelock to rely your vacation upon. Havelock Country Homes bestows a friendly and comforting environment to its esteemed guests along with the picturesque view all around the island.
 We strive to give a lavish and luxurious stay to help our guests lead a memorable vacation. The ambience of the hotel is staff - friendly as our 24*7 present diligent staff members will provide you with the best of our services.

The beguiling and impeccable efforts made by Havelock Country Homes makes it one of the best luxury resort in Havelock. We provide you all the luxury along with the comfort that you think of while planning a vacation worth remembering a lifetime.
Havelock Country Homes strives to provide a milieu of extraordinary and impeccable stay in our colossal and capacious accommodation. The resor5 is surrounded by alluring and unblemished scenic beauty of island filled with adventure and exuberant experiences.

Accommodation in the most luxurious hotel at Havelock

The resort incorporates Deluxe Room and Super Deluxe Room endowed with all the facilities and unparalleled services. Exquisitely appointed rooms are built to fulfil the comfort needs of our esteemed guest including king sized bedding, air conditioned ambience and an in-built bathroom facility with properly maintained hygienic surrounding for the comfort of our esteemed guests.

Deluxe Room

The decor of our deluxe room is inexplicably exquisite and is endowed with the all the modern facilitation and alluring motifs to give you a mesmerizing milieu inside out. From a relax full sleep to alluring scenic beauty our hotel provides you with the best of the accommodation option.

Super Deluxe Room

An amalgamation of style and contemporary ambience, Super Deluxe Room are appointed to give you a relaxing and luxurious stay option ever possible. The intricate motifs and decor of rooms are eye-grabbing in itself and provides a warm hospitality to our esteemed guests.

Say yes to a little excursion at Havelock Island!

When you plan your vacation to such an attractive destination like the Havelock Island, you think of all the experiences that you will be taking back in your way back home. Havelock Island provides with an adventurous destination and replete with thrilling experiences. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of sprawling white sand beach and fun games like hiking, fishing, kayaking and sailing on the beach.

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is fabled as one of the most popular beaches and also as the 'paradise of nature' as the beach is surrounded by elegantly grooving palm trees, sparkling white sand all over the beach and a beautiful view of gorgeously shining sun in the evening. Radhanagar Beach is one of the most visited tourist spots in Havelock Island and also a must visit destination if you are a nature's lover.

Elephant Beach

Reposing just 20 minutes away from the Havelock Island, Elephant Beach offers a beautiful stay option worth visiting once in a lifetime. You can enjoy water sports on the beach and also can explore the underwater aquatic life with the best of professionals. This place is an ideal destination to spend your excursion with your loved ones by enjoying the delicious foods and drinks.

Vijay Nagar Beach

Offering spine tingling water sports like diving, Snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, trekking and kayaking, Vijay Nagar Beach is an ideal destination for adventure and sport lovers. The beach provides a beautiful and tranquil ambience for the peace seekers and allows you to partake in experiences that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Explicitly and inexplicable excursion awaits your presence!

Tuesday 29 October 2019


Silver Sands, dense forest cover, turquoise water, soothing ambiance, and refreshing pursuits to follow, Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) is a little piece of heaven on Earth. Still untapped but now highly sought, the island is a surreal beauty pertaining memorable surprises for everyone within the heart of nature. And when some of the best luxury hotels in Havelock are available to be chosen from, pleasure of the stay multi-folds.


Witnessing the array of sun-kissed beaches and soft ripples of crystal clear water with Havelock Country Homes is without a doubt, the most luxurious experience one can have. One of the best budget hotels in Havelock, this gorgeous contemporary settlement is blessed with natural calm, bestowing you with spectacular views and unmatched services.


Flourished with diverse marine biodiversity, Havelock Country Homes elopes you in the soul of Andaman, fervently befriending you with never-experienced-before exposure. Upon arrival, you will feel the extravagance of the place through its rooms and surroundings. Elegant interiors, subtle hints of both traditional and modern styles, lavish utilities and clean and hygienic milieu features the best hospitality and staff services. 

With a pursuit of passion, professional chefs insures to serve you the best fusion of taste and health. Naturally sourced organic ingredients blends beautifully with herbs and spices to make your pallet dance with flavors. You have a provision to indulge in extremely relaxin experience in the swimming pool while enjoying the view and delicious snacks. Leisure strolls on beaches, adventure-filled recreational activities and evening hues of gorgeous sunset are cheery on top of the cake.

To travel is to feed your soul of nature’s belongings. 

Without any further due, quench your wanderlust and gratify your travel aspirations!!!

Wednesday 29 May 2019


Silky sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of the beaches are enough to take the breath away with their luring beauty. Havelock lies on the south Andaman district of the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island first got its name after the British general Sir Henry Havelock and got renamed as Swaraj Island in December 2018 as a tribute to Subhash Chandra Bose. Get your stays booked at best resorts in Havelock Island and explore the heritage and tastes of the island. The island hubs some of the ideal spots for incomparable and tasty delicacies for the people looking to feast their taste buds. The list continues below:


Lying on the shores of the beach, this is the most recommended restaurant. From the American pancakes and authentic seafood to freshly brewed coffee and amazing desserts, this place offers comfortable seating with gleaming ambience. The café is run by an Irish couple, and their sandy floor gives you a vibe of the beach even when you are not there.


This restaurant is a food freaks delight and the best place for non-vegetarians. The finger licking food here makes this place a paradise for food lovers. All the people who have visited this place have been head over heels after visiting it. The modest decor and the range of cuisines will surely include your favorite dishes.

Feast your taste buds with the best of delicacies at Havelock with your leisure stays at best hotel in Havelock.

Saturday 16 March 2019

Things to Keep in Mind while Visiting the Havelock Islands

Havelock Islands situated in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a wonderful place to visit for every tourist. This place houses one of the final speeches in the whole of India. It is a known fact that Havelock Islands have beaches that shimmer in the daylight. The temperature is usually very hot over there. Hence you need to carry proper summer clothes when you visit the Havelock Islands. 

  • Caps and Hats: The heat strong over there. So, you need to keep your head protected from the heat. Wearing a cap for a hat at all times is a must. You will not just look cool but also save yourself from uneasiness. 
  • Sunglasses: Visiting the Havelock Islands without caring sunglasses is out of the question.
  • Sunscreen: As the place is sunny, you need to protect your skin. Apply sunscreen all over your exposed area of the skin. Ensure that your sunscreen has a high SPF.
  • Swim Wear: You will feel like visiting the beaches and, hence, you need to carry proper swimwear. If you are staying at the best luxury resorts in Havelock, you will be able to utilize the swimming pool over there.

These are a few things that you need to keep in mind while visiting the Havelock Islands. Make sure you stay at the best hotels in Havelock for a wonderful experience. 

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